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Frailing Banjo

Frailing is a down-picking approach to making music with the five-string banjo.

In frailing banjo we strike down on the banjo strings with our middle fingernail and pluck downwards with our thumb. While this may seem counterintuitive at first glance, frailing is an extremely powerful and expressive way to make music. The frailing technique allows a banjo player to play melody, rhythm and harmony all at once.

Here at we share the art of frailing banjo through books, videos private instruction, workshops and even a daily live webcast. We also build wonderful five-string banjos.

The Daily Frail Live!

The Daily Frail is now a live stream. Once every weekday Pat and Patrick will use Facebook broadcast a live workshop on frailing banjo, folk guitar, harmonica, fiddle and anything else that comes to mind.

More workshops can be found in the Daily Frail Archives.

2016 Folk Musicians Retreat!

Join us for an amazing weekend of music July 8-10 at the Maryland Folk Musicians Retreat. Jamming, workshops, fellowship and fun in a beautiful setting.

Somerset Piccolo!

The little banjo with a BIG voice! The Somerset Piccolo is a tiny, playable and affordable five-string banjo you can take anywhere. Coming soon from Somerset Banjos!

Lessons with Patrick and Dear Old Dad!

You can now schedule one-on-one lessons with Patrick and Dear Old Dad through Skype.

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